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About Demi

I put money in the hands of women.

I have been a long time student of money. What I love about money is that it gets your attention and is one of the best life coaches we could ask for. I let money coach me.

Just five years ago I had very different beliefs and habits around money that kept me “stuck” and caused a lot of stress and mess around money. I was months behind on my mortgage, years behind on my taxes, I had no savings, strategy, budget or plan around money. I was uninsured and never had enough. When the unexpected, like a parking ticket, my daughter needing stitches, or a flood in the basement would occur, I would have NO idea how I was going to handle it.

Getting organized with my money seemed too overwhelming and quite honestly, I had now idea how to get organized. So I did the only thing I knew how… work harder and longer to make more.

As an entrepreneur I knew that dollars followed value, so I focused on doing more in hopes of making more to solve my problems.

That didn’t work.

My breaking point came, when as a single mom I had a moment with my 3 year old daughter. She wanted me to play with her. I remember looking at her sweet face, and realizing I am with her, but I’m not really with her. I was so full of stress, worry and anxiety about money, I was missing out on this fleeting moment of motherhood.

It was that moment, I decided, I had to do things differently. I knew that if others were having success with money, I could too. In that moment I became willing to do whatever it took. And that’s just what I did.

My success didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen by taking consistent small steps toward a vision that I believed in and held purposefully within my heart.

My journey has been what I refer to as “following the bread crumbs of the Soul”. Sometimes the bread crumbs came in the form of a book, or an article. Often they led me to just the right teacher, mentor and coaches.

I started slowing down a lot. I went into the places I feared most to look at things I hadn’t been willing to see before. I stopped blaming and shaming myself. I stopped comparing myself to others and claimed my You-niqueness. I started working to my strengths and stopped trying to do it all. I stopped investing in things outside of myself and started investing in me and my business. I not only invested in education and trainings, but I invested in myself each morning in my power hour practice exercising my body, connecting spiritually with meditation and stimulating my mind with reading books and articles that would enable me to create more value for my clients.

I created new goals and habits that aligned with my dreams rather than my fears. I hired coaches who wouldn’t buy into my excuses and helped me go further than I would on my own.

Today I am a six figure earning coach on my way to becoming a 7 figure earner. I am insured, I have savings, both personal and business. I have a financial plan. I travel with my family to beautiful places. I take a week off every month and I work with my dream team and dream clients doing work I love.

I have an incredibly rich life filled with all sorts of celebrations, challenges and growth opportunities.

To me, being wealthy is more than just having plenty of money to do the things in life you want. To me being wealthy is about having it all, it’s about getting to do work you love and knowing the joy of making an impact in the world that matters to you.

It’s about having the kinds of relationships that fill your heart so full it feels like you might burst with love. It’s about having the courage to be vulnerable in your humanness, to know that you can’t get big enough nor can you get messy enough. It’s about having radical appreciation for your body, no matter what you are experiencing in it, radical appreciation for the planet even if you don’t agree with all that goes on in it and having radical appreciation for your life, not only the parts you prefer.

Being wealthy is about seeing that you already have an abundant and full life no matter how much money you do or don’t have. Being wealthy is a mindset of appreciation that maximizes your creativity, focuses your action and turns big dreams into reality.

I didn’t sacrifice my health or my relationships to get the financial success I got as a matter of fact those area’s have all improved along the way. My life isn’t perfect, nor am I. What I am is perfectly imperfect.

In my darkest hours of scarcity and fear I didn’t realize the key to being wealthy was even then, right within me. I realize it now, and I realize I’m not special in this regard.

Your key to being wealthy and having it all, is and has always been right inside. “Once you go within, you’ll never go without.” The journey begins when you say yes!

I still believe dollars follow value and I believe your You-niqueness is your way of creating maximum value but only part of the equation to maximum profitability. I believe the relationship between money and impact is a sacred one.

As women we are really good at creating value for others but not so great at maximizing profits. Our nurturing generous nature has us frequently undercharge for our services. We are purpose driven and can often overlook profits and cash flow as interference to our cause.

That’s where I come in.

I help women become clear on the value of their You-niqueness, align it with best business and financial practices to increase cash flow and use that cash flow reach dreams they never thought possible.

I help women access and use the power of money to make a bigger impact.

Imagine a world where women shared equally in the financial power. I see a world with better education systems, better healthcare, safer foods, streets and neighborhoods. I see a world with more open hearts, arms and borders. I see businesses being more collaborative and supportive doing greater things together then they could alone.

I see a world filled with people doing work they love that is rewarding and fulfilling. The joy they feel from their work comes home with them. They raise children to also live lives with passion, purpose and contribution. I see this infectious energy of joy contagious in neighborhoods and communities, crossing boarders, belief systems, and religions to create more collaboration, connection and unity everywhere.

When people do work they love, they do better work. They are more creative, intuitive and productive and create stronger businesses. Strong businesses create strong economies. In strong economies we can effectively reallocate the resources of the world away from institutions of greed and fear towards life, beauty and love.

I believe in order to be the change we want to see in the world we must first say YES! to that silent, but persistent nudge from deep within our Soul that says, … “I have an idea… I know what I would love to do… I want to make a difference for….,”

We must say yes to this nudge even tho the loud voice of scarcity tries to convince us, “I don’t have enough money… “I’m not good enough.” “I don’t have enough experience.” and any other not enough conversations.

This is the reason I like to go for really big dreams. When my dreams are bigger than my fears of not being good enough, my fears don’t have a chance.

This is why I no longer say Yes to my nudges from the Soul, I now say HELL YES!

As women, we see different possibilities then men. And through the lens of your You-niqueness, you see a possibility that no one else does. No one else can create beauty the same way as you, write a book the same as you, coach as you do, provide services to your community the way you do. If you don’t use money to create the dream of possibility that you see, no one else will.

I believe in women and I believe the world needs now more than ever us sisters to rise up and claim our right and responsibility to share equally in the power and voice money offers.

Will you say yes?

Demi believes there is greatness in everyone, and living within that greatness is not for a select few, but for everyone.

Demi believes your greatness resides deep within your Soul where truth lives. She is a master at taking her clients right to that place, where they can see their greatness and truth so clearly the “how’s”, “ya, but’s”, “not enough” scarcity talk doesn’t stand a chance.

Demi’s father taught her to dream big. He told her, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” That’s right, a damn cliché was a catalyst for early success.

In her youth she followed her dreams with reckless abandon. Like her father, she was a bit of a serial entrepreneur, creating businesses in what she was most passionate about. In her early 20’s she started a profitable interior design and decorative painting business in Southern California. She assumed she was becoming more successful every year as her jobs got bigger, and her businesses brought in more and more revenue. But her debt seemed to rise with the increase in revenue. So did her stress levels.

She did have nicer boots and vacations, but her high stress levels kept her from fully enjoying any luxuries. When a friend introduced her to “the law of attraction”, she thought she had found her answer. She was certain it was the answer when that very year she “manifested” a half a million dollars. She did have to catch on fire in a restaurant to “manifest” about half the money.

Her manifesting super powers seemed to dry up after that. She didn’t do anything to change her beliefs, mindset and habits around money, they were still the same belief’s that created her in-debted lifestyle. Within 3 years, Demi was back in debt. But she woke up!

She claims that she let money coach her. She let the shame, embarrassment and regret of half million dollars slipping through your fingers in 3 years reveal the beliefs and mindset that created her reality. She saw that she was showing entitled, focused on consuming rather than producing and she was gambling with her money and her life.

It was in this moment that Demi became more interested in acquiring knowledge, developing skills, and having the experiences that would help her become masterful with money by focusing on creating value for others rather than manifesting, expecting and consuming. She still believes that if you can dream it you can achieve it. She teaches today this is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation is to utilize proper financial and business practices that optimize cash flow.

Money is an essential ingredient to creating your dreams. Some dreams require large amounts of money. Demi teaches her clients to be organized, disciplined and respectful with this powerful resource in order to use it to make an even bigger impact in their businesses and have more freedom to play towards their dreams.

She has worked closely with some of the biggest business and financial guru’s of our time. Demi has worked with New York Times best selling author of Killing Sacred Cows and 5 Day Weekend, Garrett Gunderson to co-create the Soul Purpose program for Wealth Factory. Demi has been called the “secret weapon” at Wealth Factory. She brings her powerful coaching skills to each client to help them break through their current mindset to access new beliefs and ideas necessary to get to the next level of success.

From multi-million dollar international sales launches to owning and operating a Yoga studio, to launching a successful coaching business, Demi accomplished all this business and financial success while falling in love with her Soul mate, blending a family and having another baby. She believes that being wealthy is about more than just having a lot of money. She believes being wealthy is about living a life you love today.

Business success begins the moment an entrepreneur intersects purpose with financial structure. This is what Demi brings to the table.

Today, Demi is a sought- after coach, teacher, author and speaker who has had the privilege of working with hundreds of leaders supporting them to gain clarity around their greatness, align that greatness with best business and financial practices to be able to swing for the fences in their businesses in a way they have never done before to 10X their fulfillment and joy as well as their bottom line.

"Your communication, your support and your vision to help others see their purpose and their potential is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your love and spirit with me. Lots of love to you always!

Nicole Gunther